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The 19th Annual Great Pumpkin Chase is Saturday, October 26th at 5:00 p.m.

Get your TEAM. Get a DRIVER. Get the Great Pumpkin!

Get Ready for the most fun you’ve had in a long long time!

What is The Great Pumpkin Chase?
You and your TEAM of HEROS will be sent on a Mission that will take you all over town- on the craziest scavenger hunt you’ll ever see.

Solve the clues to discover your next destination. Complete the challenge. Get your next clue for your next destination! Complete TEN challenges to receive the final destination and win!

Dozens of local businesses make this night possible by inviting us to their locations throughout the night!

Get all the forms you need, online, right here.

The Venue & Cost:
The venue will be Calvary Church Gym located at 5 Tulane (across from the Fairgrounds). The cost is 16 bucks per person.

Tom Henderson

Tom Henderson
Special Guest
Restore A Generation

Special Guest Tom Henderson!
We are committed to having great talent share with us at the end of the night! At this year’s Chase, we’ve invited Tom Henderson back!!! Tom is the founder and lead communicator for Restoration Generation. He is driven by a passion to reach people and help them restore the broken relationships in their lives. He is a 17-year youth ministry veteran, a graduate of the University of Sioux Falls, a Compassion International Ambassador and a member of Luis Palau’s Next Generation Alliance of Evangelists. He has also served as a tour speaker and road pastor for bands like Sanctus Real, Building 429, Day of Fire, John Reuben and Stellar Kart. Tom is married to Laura and has two sons- Isaiah and Chase

Check out Restoration Generation:

It's gonna be a great night!

Why do we do The Great Pumpkin Chase?!?!
Because it’s a blast! This extreme, adrenaline filled night is a great place to invite your group or friends!

The "Registration page" on this website includes everything you need to promote and register for the CHASE!

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Great Pumpkin Chase